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Forget grinding the tables in the middle of the Vegas desert, only seeing the inside of an air-conditioned hotel ballroom for 12 straight hours. The Punta Cana Poker Classic takes place on the footsteps of a gorgeous tropical beach with pristine water, soft sand, and purveyors of coconut cocktails. Wake up and dive into the ocean, relax on the beach before the first shuffle up & deal, and build sandcastles to celebrate your victory with pocket Kings. The beach is yours. Enjoy it.

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Intimate, yet expansive. That’s the Melia Caribe Tropical in a nutshell. The 5-star property features 9 outdoor pools, a legendary spa, fine dining to delight your senses, casual food options, an amazing spa, and a beach that’ll take your breath away. The property is large, with so much to explore. Yet no matter where you are, it feels familiar, intimate, and tranquil.

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Pool & Spa

Spend your entire poker vacation in the water and never see the same pool twice. The Melia Caribe Tropical has 9 outdoor pools spread throughout the property. And when you’re ready to take relaxation to the next level, you’ll find one of the most luxurious spas in the Caribbean.

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The Garden’s & Bar

It’s not just an oasis outside. Your room is designed to make you feel at home and pamper you with luxury throughout every square foot. Well-stocked with your favorite alcoholic beverages and snacks, and featuring great amenities and comforts that you’ll miss the second you leave, your room is one home away from home you’ll never want to leave.

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All you can Eat All you can Drink!

Leave your wallet at home. Actually, bring it because you’ll want to buy into cash games and other tourneys, not to mention stock up on souvenirs. But when it comes to eating and drinking, your money is no good here. Your Punta Cana Poker Classic package includes all-inclusive food and beverages. We even feed you on the tournament floor — and our cash game room has an open bar. All your meals. All your alcohol. “All in” included.

all you can eat

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Other Activities

From scuba diving to learning how to dive into making cocktails like a true bartending champ, you’ll find all kinds of activities to occupy your time. But let’s be real. With so many tourneys and cash games running throughout the series, you’ll be hard-pressed to find some time.