Cancellation Policies
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Cancellation Policies – Punta Cana Poker Classic

The cancellation policies below apply to packages purchased or won through the Punta Cana Poker Classic organization or the LPS organization and their affiliated sites.

Any packages that are won through satellites (online or live) must be used and hold no cash value. These packages can be sold or transferred in case they cannot be used. Won packages must be used on the event they specifically state unless otherwise stated.

Punta Cana Poker Classic allows the voiding of package purchases within 24 hours of being purchased and up to 90 days before the event takes place with no penalty.

Cancellations done within less than 90 days prior to the event will incur in the following fees:

Change/Cancel Fee Amounts – Effective September, 2013

  • Changes and cancellations made between 29 and 0 days prior to the event: 100% penalty
  • Changes and cancellations made between 59 – 30 days prior to the event: 50% penalty
  • Changes and cancellations made between 89 – 60 days prior to the event: 20% penalty
  • Changes and cancellations made 90 or more days prior to the event: no penalty

Refunds for canceled package purchases will be made to the poker account. In case the person does not have an account, one will be created in the site that suits the person the best according to location. Once the funds have been credited to the poker account, the customer may request a withdrawal with the payment methods offered.

Packages that allow changes to be used on other events require a confirmation on the event they will be used on, at least 10 days prior to the tournament taking place. In the event that a confirmation has not been received by the time the Late Registration period ends, the event’s seat and package will be voided.

Packages can be transferred to another person; changes can be performed at the latest 7 days before the event takes place. Both parties need to email informing on the change that has to be performed. Confirmation on the change will be sent to both parties. Punta Cana Poker Classic is not responsible for any monetary agreements reached between the parties. We will, however, make sure that player to player transfers made as part of the agreement reach the package holder simultaneously as the package is transferred.


In the event that a customer is requesting a refund due to them or a family member being seriously ill, Punta Cana Poker Classic’s policy is that all packages are “must play”. Cancellations will incur on the fees stated below and won packages may be transferred to another person.

Event Cancellation

If one of our events has to be cancelled due to circumstances out of our control, all purchased packages will be refunded with no penalties.

Won packages will offer the option to be used at another one of our upcoming live events as they hold no cash value.

In case the seat or package has a higher value than the one that it will be used for in the future, all residual money will be credited to the player’s poker account. If the player does not have one, one will be created in the site that best suits the player based on his place of residence.

Multiple Package and Trading Policies WPN Live Events 2017

1. Players can win multiple packages to our different Live Events online through the Winning Poker Network (WPN). You will have the following options to make use of these extra packages. The below will apply ONLY for players who WON multiple packages:

  • Sell or trade the extra package(s) to fellow friends or players. Each party involved will need to have an account with the WPN.
  • Use the value of the package (total value minus cash awarded for travel expenses) as buyins to side events or re-entries into the Main Tournament.

*In case of a left over balance, of 40% or less of the initial amount, this amount will be given to the player in cash once all events have closed registration.

*In case of a left over balance, of 40.01% or more of the initial amount, this amount will be saved and can be used in future live events organized and/or sponsored by WPN.

***Note: Single package owners CAN trade the package to a friend.

2. Players do not have a maximum of packages or seats they can win for our Live Events. However, these carry no cash value and need to be redeemed in one of the ways specified above.

3. Players may purchase a package to a live event and also win packages online with no restriction. However, these carry no cash value and need to be redeemed in one of the ways specified above.

4. Each event has a different amount of cash awarded for travel, which will always be credited to the winner’s poker account with WPN. All travel expenses from multiple packages will be honored and credited into the player’s poker account. These funds may be used or cashed out as desired. Prior to cashing out, all players will be required to complete a one-time account certification process, which WPN will facilitate to the player.

5. Customers interested in purchasing or selling packages will have to adhere to the company’s trading policy. We require each party involved in the purchase to email with the following information:

  • Username of the seller
  • Username of the buyer
  • Amount, if any, that needs to be transferred to complete the deal
  • Copy of your ID

Please note that the WPN will always keep our player’s safety as a top priority. No transfers of packages or money will be completed until both parties have emailed with complete and accurate information. Money related to travel expenses (cash awarded to the package winner’s account) will not be transferred unless stated by the seller.

Once the package has been fully transferred, the purchaser will receive a package code and more details so that he/she can take full advantage of the package.

6. Only one trade per package is allowed, once a package has been transferred it may not be traded again. Please ensure you will be able to travel during those dates to attend the event before purchasing a package.

7. Players that win a package online cannot buy extra packages.

8. Players may only buy ONE package, multiple package buying is not allowed.

9. In case of events with multiple day 1’s, all players that win packages online will automatically be registered into DAY 1A, no changes allowed nor exceptions will be made.

10. Traded Packages MUST be used for the specific event that they were created. If the buyer cannot travel, no refunds or additional trades will be allowed.

11. The deadline for trading/selling packages is 7 days prior to the event start. Any trade(s) within less than a week of the event start date will not be allowed.

12. Any packages won or traded that result in a NO SHOW will be considered as forfeited on behalf of the player, with no compensation or refund from WPN.

13. You will be required to sign a waiver for the hosting venue (such as a casino or card room) and may be required to sign a waiver for a media sponsor or broadcaster. If you choose not to sign those waivers, you will not be permitted to play in the Event, and will receive no compensation or refund from WPN.

14. By purchasing a package won on any of the WPN sites, you agree to wear WPN Site logo clothing (provided by WPN) throughout the Event.